Air Cargo FAQ's:

air cargo rates generally start at 100kg or 220 lbs.  If you ship lesser amounts, you can generally expect to be charged for the 100/220 kg/lb minimum, or a significantly higher rate.   Accordingly, when you ship less than these amounts, we will check an express courier / door to door rate.

Time:  5-12 days is a typical transit time for international air cargo.  The more expensive Int'l Courier Rate is 2-5 days. 

Suitcases:   are fine, just tape the label to them so that it will stay on.  You may have to tape all the way around and around the piece;

Per Piece Charges:  charges are not assessed per piece, but rather total weight;

Dimensional Charges:  the dimensions / total volume of your shipment will affect the final weight charged;

Using Dimensional Weight Calculations, a freight carrier will charge for lightweight (low density) packages as if they had a greater weight (the weight of the package at the minimum accepted density).    For example, a box of clothing shipped internationally which weighs 10 pounds, and measures 18 x 18 x 18 inches, would be charged as if it weighed 36 pounds: (18 x 18 x 18)/166 = 35.1 pounds which is then rounded up to 36 pounds. This is the weight the package would theoretically weigh if it had a density of 166 in3/lb or 10.4 lb/ft3. (18 x 18 x 18) = 3.375 ft3 x 10.4 lb/ft3 = 35.1 lb.

Oversized or Overweight:  there can be additional charges for pieces that are unusually long, large or heavy.  For simple cargo shipments, keep your pieces of a size and weight that you would comfortable picking up and setting down such as less than 70 lbs.  If you have pieces that will weigh more, just advise in advance so that we use the properly equipped terminal and carrier.

NOT ALLOWED:  batteries, aerosol sprays