On Friday, August 30, 2013 UPS, resumed parcel deliveries to our office/warehouse at 11895 Wayne Rd, Romulus, MI, 48174.

If your parcel was returned to sender, we will provide you with a free replacement shipping label.

Any cargo that arrived at that UPS delivery terminal on or before August 29, 2013 was being by UPS as if it were stolen cargo and UPS was returning the parcel to the sender.   UPS was taking the position that 100% of the cargo A2 Global Shipping was receiving at 11895 Wayne Rd, was stolen or obtained by using fraudulent credit cards, based upon a complaint by a retailer in the USA that was "hit" by a Nigerian fraud ring that had their cargo on-forwarded to Lagos, by A2 Global Shipping.

We knew that the allegation that all of our customers were fraudulent actors, was not true.  We have dozens of  Nigerian customers using valid credit/debit cards, making purchases here in the USA.  Many of our Nigerian customers are using the A2 Global Shipping debit cards that we set up for them.

The UPS and  FedEx investigation were concluded in our favor and deliveries resumed, by establishing that the majority of the shipments received by A2 Global Shipping were lawfully purchased goods and not goods purchased using stolen credit cards.  We provided the local terminal phone numbers and many of our customers from Lagos and their sellers from whom they purchased, called the terminals to complain about their lawful cargo being treated as stolen goods and being returned to the senders rather than being properly delivered to our facility.  

The reason that there are so few forwarders in the United States that will accept shipments to Lagos, and especially small parcels for shipment at a reasonable price, is the number of fraudulent actors in Nigeria who upon finding a cost effective, reliable consolidation, will flood that consolidator with so many fraudulent shipments that the consolidator cannot keep up with the complaints from UPS, FedEx and defrauded sellers, that they stop providing the service..

A2 Global Shipping has a large number of legitimate customers who are shipping significant amounts of cargo on a weekly basis, so we are not going to shut down the weekly consolidation.  However, if you are sending illegitimately obtained cargo, please be advised that as part of our working with UPS and FedEx we have agreed to detain and not ship, any cargo that is the subject of a fraud allegation, prior to that cargo being released in Lagos.

Our suggestion to any parties that are involved in obtaining cargo through stolen credit cards, is that they note their countrymen who are using this consolidation to profit from legitimate transactions, and ask themselves what is stopping them, from also profiting from legitimate transactions.

Also, it is just really unfortunate that law abiding people in Nigeria suffer disruption and loss of business due to the illegitimate actors who must know that other cargo lanes and consolidations they have used, have been shut down to all customers, due to their abusive, fraudulent actions.