Packing & Materials

moving boxes:  moving boxes are typically 70 the thickness of a commercial shipping box.  And are significantly less expensive   This strength is usually sufficient, because the boxes are being hand loaded and removed from a  van or trailer and may be reloaded onto a pallet for transport between truck terminals.

shipping boxes:  have thicker walls or even double walls of cardboard and can accommodate heavier weights and being sent through conveyor systems at central terminals or hubs that are used by the major parcel carriers.  In order for a parcel to qualify under the shipping insurance terms of UPS, FedEx and DHL, your contents should be able to withstand, without breakage, a three (3) foot drop onto a concrete floor.

packing materials:  include paper, styrofoam loose fill, and a variety of other materials.  The U-Line catalog is a good start if you have a special product  for which you think you may need specialized materials.

packing services:  most shippers are perfectly capable of packing their own clothes, books or even removing a bicycle wheel so that the bicycle will fit in a box or on a pallet with other items.   For any valuable or breakable item such as a computer, television or antiques, insurance is only available where the item has been "professionally packed"