Washtenaw Area Apartment Association

A2 Global Shipping and Comcast are Vendor Members of the Washtenaw Area Apartment Association.  If you know of other Vendors that would like to sponsor coupons and prizes to any of our drawings, please have them contact A2 Global Shipping.  The prizes are awarded to Members of the Association and the Member is welcome to transfer the prize/coupon to any of their tenants, employees, etc.

The Members of the Association are entered into the drawing my making referrals to Vendor Members via this online form.   Credits for the Drawing are given for each referral.  Additional credits to the Drawings are given for referrals that result in transactions to the Vendor Members.  This is our "Beta 1.0" version of this program so feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions.

Start Date:   December 14, 2010
Drawing Date:  February 10, 2011

(click each for terms and conditions) # - indicates the number of prizes to be offered in the drawing.