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Charlottesville, VA: posted April 25

  • description of cargo   5 main items to remove and deliver and pack into a crate @ UPS Freight in Waynesboro  2 x 43” monitors @30 lbs each.  1 monitor stand. @ 40 lbs.  Virtual button deck. 30 lbs.  Logic box. 25 lbs
  • origin details:  944 Glenwood Station LaneCharlottesville, VA  22901 
  • deliver into a crate with packing kit waiting at UPS Freight  1451 S Delphine Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980 
  • time/date:  regular truck terminal hours
  • fee offered:   $195.00  for pickup, send us the measurements so that we can send the right sized crate tot he UPS Freight temrinal and pack in crate at terminal.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  you will need to stop by origin and pickup cargo to confirm the dimensions for the crate, and then a custom cut crate will be shipped to UPS terminal or to the office where the cargo is at if there is a place for the crates when packed to be picked up the next day.
  • photos:  one, two, three, four