Terms & Conditions to International Air Cargo Rate

Our Posted International Air Cargo Rates Include:
  •  local transport within the 39 metro areas; if the pickup location is outside of the metro area, please contact us for a quote on trucking to the metro area
  • air freight from the USA terminal to the foreign airport cargo terminal;
  • export document fees;
  • air freight fuel surcharges;
  • air freight security surcharges;
Costs that you may incur in the foreign country that are not included in our rate may include:
  • foreign terminal handing fee;
  • customs clearing fee (in most countries cargo recipients can "self clear" at the terminal);
  • any applicable foreign duties (personal effects are exempt from duties normally assessed against cargo for commercial use or re-sale);
  • delivery to final destination in foreign country (recipients can pick up there cargo and provide this service themselves)..