Inbound Cargo Alert

An ICA or inbound cargo alert, is a critical part of the receiving and forwarding process.  No warehouse or forwarder can receive and properly forward, consolidate or export a shippers goods without a precise instruction as to the cargo that is going to be shipped and to whom it should be consigned.   It is critical that the IAC contain a tracking number to prevent the warehouse from erring in assigning the parcel to the proper account and routing.  If the warehouse attempts to do this by name rather than tracking number mistakes are easily made due to mis-spellings and the same or similar names of many account holders.

Relevant information that is collected in the ICA can include:
  • tracking number, PRO number or Pro Bill of the parcel or freight shipment that is to be received and forwarded;
  • the party to whom the cargo should be forwarded;
  • a description of the commodity that is being shipped;
  • the declared value of the cargo;
  • insurance instructions;
  • other instructions.
When cargo is received but no alert is filed, the cargo is held, pending instructions per UUC Warehouse Operator Tariff and Policies.  IT WILL NOT BE SHIPPED.