A2A -  Airport to Airport or D2A (Door to Airport)

The basics:
  • when referring to the "airport" we don't mean the baggage conveyor at the airport, but rather a warehouse/cargo terminal in the vicinity of the airport where cargo/freight is received or released to individuals, businesses or transport providers;
  • rates are generally based upon 220 lbs / 100 kg of cargo, but even weights as low as 30 lbs can be less than standard door to door parcel service;
  • "door" or pickup service can be added to the A2A rate.  At destination the recipient can self clear and recover their cargo from the terminal or hire a transport provider or customs agent/broker to perform those services on their behalf;
  • a 220 lb A2A rate from the USA to an international air is typically at least 75% less than the cost of FedEx, DHL or UPS International Economy service;
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