Quick Answers:
  • Personal Effects -  yes we ship this and can pickup from residences;
  • Hazardous Materials  - yes, we ship many types;
  • Crating - custom packing kits and full service;
  • Consolidation Services
  • Tracking - all shipments are track-able;
  • Insurance - coverage is available on most shipments;
  • Payments - we accept bank transfers, deposits at local branches, secure credit cards and verified paypal accounts.
  • Locations / Terminal to Terminal shipments - wide national and international network of truck, air and ocean terminals where cargo can be tendered and recovered.
  • Packing List / Inventory of Effects;
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Shipper Letter of Instruction;
  • Credit Card Authorization Form;
  • Bills of Lading:  Truck, Ocean, Air;
  • Certificate of Origin
  • more documents

Agents   Experience in transportation or some other relevant work experience ?   Do you own a transportation or related business and would like to access international freight rates?  Our Agent program may be for you.  JOBS - pickup and delivery