Packing and Shipping Copy Machines

  • Stabilize the internal parts:  this may or may not be necessary.  It is up to you and the service technician to determine this.  If you notice how new copiers and printers come, some parts are taped inside the machine, or they have cardboard or foam sheets placed in specific locations inside the machine.   This may not matter at all.  The copier may arrive just fine without it, or it may require minor alignment of loose parts, after delivery.  
  • Pallet and wrap the machine:  the wheels of a copy machine are not really made for supporting the machine in an over the road truck.
    • place a pallet on the floor;
    • place two 2 x 4 inch pieces of wood across the pallet;
    • place the copier on the pallet so that the base of the machine and not the wheels are resting on the 2 x 4's;
    • if the wheels are more than 2 inches in height, you will want to put 2 x 4's together to make 4 x 4's that will keep the wheels from touching the pallet or going through the slats where a forklift blade could sheer them off;
    • space the 2 x 4's so that the copier is optimally balanced on the pallet and then secure the 2 x 4's to the pallet so that they do not shift during transport;
    • shrink wrap the copier tightly to the pallet.
Overseas Shipping:  use pallets and wood that are heat treated.  Pallets that are heat treated are stamped.  

Professional Packing of Copy Machine
 The base is cardboard.  Strips of wood are then used to create a base of channels that support the base of the machine and leave the wheels suspended.  This is what you can do on a pallet, with 2 x 4's.

Crating of copy machine on a pallet:
A half inch thick sheet of plywood was attached to the pallet.  2 x 4 cross strips to support the wheels were then attached to the plywood.  The copier was then place over the strips, the corners were padded and it was shrink wrapped.  Then 1 x 4 wood rim was constructed around the base of the copier and attached to the plywood.  Finally, plywood is being attached to the 1 x 4 base rim.  It is hard to see, but there is also a 1 x 4 inch wood rim on the top that will enable the sides to be screwed together along with a sheet of plywood to cover the top.