Terms and Conditions of:

  • local pickup and delivery by truck - unless the shipper specifies that the cargo is baggage, suitcase or personal effects the presumption is that the quote is for a pickup of commercial cargo from an accessible commercial origin/destination and that no special equipment such as a lift gate is necessary;
  • terminal to terminal truck:  the shipper is dropping off palletized cargo or cargo that is otherwise capable and appropriate for fork lift transfer into a truck/dry van and that if the terminal should receive and levy a charge for palletizing or other handling charges the shipper is responsible.
  • door to door - domestic parcel:  the cargo is appropriately boxed and labeled by the shipper, that the shipper is available at a commercially listed address during regular business hours to present the cargo at the threshold to the driver/carrier and that the parcels are within the non-overweight/oversized weight and measure used byt he carrier.