Understanding Rates 

A2A rate continued - still referencing:  QATAR CARGO 2014 Summer Tariff

Always keep in mind General Conditions applicable to the rate sheet.  Qatar lists:
  • Rates mentioned above are in (USD) unless otherwise specified.
  • Rates apply to prepaid traffic (shipment)  only.
  • Rates exclude any terminal handling or surcharges that may be applicable.  This can include surcharges for fuel, security, screening.   Carriers don't actually load or unload their own freight.  Separate entities called "cargo handlers" manage the receiving, loading, unloading and releasing of air cargo terminals at the airports.  Their charge is not included in the A2A costs.  That charge is due and payable at the destination airport, in the local currency.   At Detroit Wayne County Metro Airport (DTW) the cargo handler for Lufthansa Cargo is Central States Trucking.  The minimum terminal handling charge, for cargo arriving into DTW and handled by Central States Trucking is $40.00 USD.  If the shipment is 1000 kgs or more the charge is a flat $75.00 USD.  Yes, this is annoying that it is not included by the airline, but this is pretty much standard at airports around the world and the minimum fee is typically about the equivalent to $25.00 to $50.00 USD. 
  • Rates do not apply to carriage of PER, HUM, VAL, AVI, COU, DG , CC and odd sized shipments.
    • PER
    • HUM - human remains
    • VAL - high value
    • AVI - aviation
    • COU - 
    • DG - dangerous goods - hazmat
    • CC - 
    • odd sized - generally this is shipments that take up more than the standard air-pallet of 128.96.63 inches
  • Dangerous Goods rates are 150% of the normal tariff. Excluding class 9.  Multiply the linehaul rate by 1.50 for DG
  • $130 FOR 1st UN#, $80 for each additional UN#.  Then add these flat fees.
  • Perishable rates are 110% of the normal tariff.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notification.  Of course
  • Accounting code USAQR022 must be mentioned on the accounting Column of the Air-way bill. 
  • New Destination : ADD,TIF & ISU