Sample of estimated costs of 750 lb shipment from US to Asia:

Basic Freight/Cargo Charges:

Port/CFS to Port/CFS - this is the primary charge to transport your cargo from a port or central freight station in the US, to the foreign port or foreign central freight station.  The basic or mandatory charge to ship ocean cargo from Ann Arbor, MI to many Asian ports is $1.00 per lb from the CFS terminal located in Romulus/Detroit, Michigan.   The $1.00 per lb rate is for a minimum of 150 lbs at 10 lbs per cubic foot of cargo.

Optional charges:

Door to Port/CFS transportation charges - this is for the trucking or courier service used to pick a shipment from your residence or other location and delivery it to the Port or CFS terminal.  Charges for this service start at $50.00 per service, and go up depending on your distance from the terminal, the amount of cargo and the easy or difficulty that your cargo presents at pickup and loading.

Pallet and Shrink Wrapping -  if your cargo is not sufficiently protected by your box, packing materials and/or crating, the terminal is likely to require that your boxes or other pieces be shrink wrapped to a special, treated ocean pallet.  This service is typically $50.00 per pallet (standard pallet dimensions 48x40 inches, by 60 inches high.

Insurance - insuring your cargo against total or partial losses.  Policies typically begin at $50.00 per shipment to cover $2,500.00 USD value of cargo.

AES filing - depending on the value of your cargo, the U.S. Department of Commerce may require the use of their  Automated Export System to electronically record the identity of the senders and recipients of the cargo, the type of cargo and the estimated value.  The cost of this filing is not more than $50.00 USD.

Certificate of Origin - this is another document that can be obtained from your carrier certifying the country of origin of the contents of your shipment.  This document is typical required by the customs department in the country to which your cargo is being sent and does not cost more than $50.00 USD.  (not generally applicable to non-commercial shipments)

Destination charges:

The previously mentioned charges are paid prior to your cargo being picked up or when your cargo has been weighed at the terminal/CFS.  Destination charges are assessed at the port or terminal of destination, when your shipment arrives in the foreign country.  

Port Agent or Terminal Handling charge - there is a minimum charge ranging from $75.00 - $150.00 USD assessed at the foreign port by the provider who removes your cargo from the ocean container, reports the import to the port and then makes the cargo available for pickup to you or a delivery service that you employ for that purpose.  This charge is assessed upon the weight and volume of your cargo.  For larger shipments exceeding 35 cubic feet the charges will be proportionally higher at a rate that is usually about $35-75 per 35 cubic feet of cargo.

Customs Broker fee - if you retain a licensed customs broker to clear your cargo, you can expect a fee of $75.00 - $150.00 USD for them to file and "clear" your cargo for pickup.  Many shippers declare their own commercial cargo and personal effects, rather than retaining and paying the a licensed customs broker.   For larger commercial shipments with a variety of goods or significant commercial value, the fee may be higher.

Duties or Taxes - these are fees assessed by the country of import customs or treasury department and are based upon the type of cargo, value and status of the importer.   Many types of cargo including personal effects or used household goods up to a certain value is exempt or duty free from these charges, but there may be a nominal fee ($15.00) to file paperwork to apply for the exemption.

Final Delivery - this is the trucking service to pick up the cargo at the port/terminal and deliver it to your final destination.  This could range from $30.00 per hour for a cargo cab to more for larger trucks going further distance and involving more than a single driver.