Nigerian Air Consolidation FAQ's    (return to Nigerian Air Consol Page)

Where do I send my cargo ? 
Address cargo to:
LOS - Air
Attn: your email address
11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104
Romulus, MI 48174
ph: your phone number

I have tracked my shipment into your Consolidation Facility, when will it be sent to Lagos ?
Cargo that is received by noon on Thursday will go out on the Friday consolidation.   Schedules and Tracking of next shipment, shipments in transit and prior shipments is located on our tracking page.

My tracking shows that you received my shipment.   I am calling to confirm.
We are not going to call the guy in the warehouse and ask him to find your parcel out of 100 or more.  if your tracking shows a delivery signature then you need to rely upon that tracking.  At some point we may begin posting tracking numbers but not yet.   When the parcels are palletized, the name of the person to whom they are addressed, the weight, dimensions and last 4 digits of the tracking code are recorded on the recipients packing list.   That packing list and included invoice will be posted online prior to the cargo arriving in Lagos.

When will I receive my invoice ?
The packing list and included invoice will be posted online prior to the cargo arriving in Lagos.

Can you deliver my parcels to me in Lagos or Nigeria ?
Yes, but you will need to confirm service rates and options by contacting the office in Lagos.

My box weighs 5 lbs, why was I charged for 10 lbs ?

All truck and air shipments are assessed dimensional weight of 10.4 lbs per cubic foot.   In inches, multiply the length x width x height and divide by 166.   See graphic examples here.

I sent my parcel via USPS (US Postal Service) and it is not delivering?
You or the sender may contact: US Postal Service @ 24837 Goddard Rd, Taylor, MI 48180  Phone:(734) 946-4863.  
Your parcel may not have been address correctly, a label may have been removed by a sorting machine or the sender may have reported the shipment as a fraudulent purchase and have requested that the item be returned.   As the recipient we are not the proper party to make this contact.

I sent my parcel via UPS, FedEx or some other carrier and it is not delivering ?
Again, the sender is responsible for correctly addressing the parcels they send and contacting the carrier to ensure the delivery.  If your cargo is not being delivered, contact the seller and confirm that the shipment was addressed correctly and ask them to determine why it has not been delivered.

Will you repack my parcels ?
It is important that we forward your parcels in the packing that they arrived in at our warehouse, with the original labeling and tracking information.   If we have to repack your boxes there is no way to ensure that what you think was ordered and sealed into your box at the sellers is in fact what was re-packed.   We do not want the confusion or complaints.   If cargo is clearing overpacked, resulting in significant dimensional charges then we may cut the box down to size to eliminate the air space, but we are not responsible for any damage to the contents.    If you still require repacking, it is $5.00 per cubic foot or $.50 per lb, whichever is greater.

Will you hold my parcels and ship them together ?
We charge $5.00 per week per parcel to set aside and hold your parcels.  We really do not want to hold your items at our facility.   Our paperwork is set up to ship out and invoice your items that arrive at our warehouse.  If you have ordered 10 items it is likely at least 1 of them will not arrive as you have planned and you would have wished that you had sent the others ahead so that they were available for pickup in Lagos.   We do this based upon previous complaints from customers in this situation.

I placed an order using my A2 Global Visa Debit card but it got cancelled and my balance shows it has been debited. How can I get my money back to the account?
           The merchant will place a hold against the amount that you have tried to order. This is so that a card holder cannot simultaneously                   place orders and thereby exceed the limitations of their account. It then takes a billing day, sometimes more, for the hold of that                       amount to release and credit back to the balance of the card.