Moving Rates

Local / in-state:   
  • $50.00 to $150.00 per hour for a truck and two man crew,
Out of state:  
  • rate is can be a hybrid of per hourly handling fees and an interstate per lb rate;
  • small move (customer managed) - shipper packs in boxes and ship in boxes or on a pallet as an inexpensive freight move;
  • larger move (customer  managed) - shipper self packs, hires labor, books a truck and/or container, the rate for the truck/container is calculated as it would be for a full, interstate truckload or full container load being shipped internationally; 
International moves:
  • small - 50 or more lbs being shipped to anywhere in the world via boxes, suitcases, crates or on pallets;
  • medium - may involve smaller pieces of furniture that require pallet or crating service;
  • large - full container load (20 to 40 ft dry, sealed steel containers) that travel by truck, rail and ocean vessel.
  • costs can include packing, loading, trucking rail and ocean transport charges, destination port fees, destination handling, transport and unloading costs and customs clearing and duties.
How to save:
  • determine which parts you can do yourself;
  • don't use the most expensive provider.