Certificate Details for Inland Transport - Professionally Packed

Please read the terms below and complete the inland transit shipment - professionally packed highlights and booking form.

Additional And/Or Special Conditions of Any Policy Issued
Warranted goods to be professionally packed. Warranted independent third party appraisal provided prior to shipment. Subject to the Antique Clause. Subject to a deductible of 3% of the total insured value. Antique Clause: In the event of partial loss or damage to the subject matter insured by risks insured against, the amount payable shall be the cost and expense of repair or restoration to the condition just prior to the commencement of transit plus any resulting depreciation in value, as determined by independent third party appraisal following the repair or restoration, but not exceeding the declared value of that item. In the event underwriters pay the full declared value to the insured, they will have the right to retain the subject matter as salvage.  NO RISK PRIOR TO LOADING AT PORT

Conditions Of Insurance: This insurance covers against all risks of physical loss or damage arising from any external cause, except as hereinafter provided or as indicated above.  

Important: With a view to facilitating the settlement of any claim from loss or damage insured hereunder, the Insured or their Agents should act as indicated below on this Certificate. FAILURE OR DELAY IN COMPLYING WITH THE BELOW REQUIREMENTS MAY PREJUDICE YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THIS CERTIFICATE. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE INSURED TO MITIGATE LOSS OR DAMAGE.

Liability Of Carriers, Bailees, Or Other Third Parties: It is the duty of the Insured and/or their Agents, in all cases, to take such measures as may be reasonable for the purposes of averting or minimising a Loss and to ensure that all rights against Carriers, Bailees or other third parties are properly preserved and exercised.  Do not, except under written protest, give clean receipts where goods are received in doubtful condition. A claim in writing must be filed Immediately with the Carrier(s) after delivery (or scheduled delivery in the event of claim for non-delivery) - if a sample Notice of Loss is required, please see marshcargo.com/claims.htm

Instructions to be Followed in Case of Loss or Damage (Claims): In the event of loss or damage, immediately report a claim at www.cargocover.com under Report A Loss and follow the instructions included in that process, including the attachment of the documentation listed below, where available. All claims must be reported at www.cargocover.com, however surveyors may not be required on claims unlikely to exceed $1,500 USD or equivalent in other currencies. In the event your claim cannot be reported on-line, contact the Settling Agent nominated herein or the 
nearest Lloyds Agent (www.lloydsagency.com), or email claim.genoa@cna.com.

The Following documents must be presented to validate any claim under this certificate: Claim Settling Agent 

(1) Original Bill of Lading and/or other contract of carriage and freight receipt(s)
(2) Copy of Commercial Invoice and Packing list.
(3) Copy of receipt given to Carrier upon delivery.
(4) Copies of all claims made against the Carrier(s), with copies of their replies thereto.
(5) Original Survey Report or, if estimated loss below US$1,500, other documentary evidence clearly showing the extent of loss or damage.
(6) Copy of customs documents.
(7) Copy of this Certificate of Insurance.
(8) A detailed description of the loss or damage and dollar amount being claimed, including pictures where possible.

The Surveyor is requested to report all new claims at www.cargocover.com under Report A Loss. Additional information can be added to an existing claim using the System Claim Number and Security ID provided to the Insured/Surveyor during the initial claim report. Otherwise submit required claims information to claim.genoa@cna.com.

It is agreed that the practice of Canadian law and usage shall be recognized as the standard for adjusting claims under this Certificate. FOR MORE DETAILED CLAIMS INSTRUCTIONS OR TO VALIDATE THIS CERTIFICATE, PLEASE VISIT www.cargocover.com