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US & Canadian Rates

US & CANADIAN DESTINATIONS:   Domestic rates provided are for residential pickup in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti Michigan, and delivery to major cities/populated area throughout the specified region.  Rates are moderately higher for pickup outside of Ann Arbor or Ypsilianti, and/or final delivery to remote/rural areas in any specified region. 

INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS: International rates provided also include residential pickup within 30 miles of Ann Arbor and delivery to Foreign Port of Destination.  Quoted Rates are based upon prior shipments to larger/lower cost port on that continent/region. Smaller ports may have moderately higher rates.  Inland ports/terminals will incur a minor cost for transfer from the larger port.    Comprehensive estimates of costs including delivery from Foreign Port of Destination to residence, port fees, customs clearance fees and customs taxes/duties/tariffs are available upon request.   Shippers may "self clear" customs and pickup their cargo at the port to avoid such charges.



   Domestic service estimate includes residential pickup in Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti, and exterior residential delivery at destination in US and Canada.  International Rates include residential pickup within 30 miles of Ann Arbor and delivery to Foreign Port of Destination.  Domestic rates are estimates based upon a based upon a weight to volume ratio of not more than 10 lbs per cubic foot of shipment (i.e. 12x12x12 inch box = 10 lbs).  International Rates allow for for average of 15 lbs per cubic foot at quoted rate.  Shipments with a parcel greater than 100 lbs in weight or 11 cubic feet in volume (24x24x34) may require pallet and/or freight shipment.   Domestic Freight Shipments are estimated at the 500 lbs rate listed above.  Email to confirm rate.  Typical charge for pallet packing and materials is $50.00 per pallet.   International Rates do not include customs, tariffs or duties, foreign port fees, or local delivery charges.     Quoted International Rates are based upon larger/lower cost ports for each continent.  Rates for smaller and inland ports/terminals will be moderately higher.   A2 Global Shipping LLC is a Licensed US Motor Carrier, Freight Forwarder and Indirect Air Carrier.  A2 Global Shipping is an Associate Member of the Washtenaw Area Apartment Association.