US & Canadian Rate Details

Rate Includes:
    • local pickup from businesses and residents in Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti, Michigan;
    • residential and business delivery to urban centers and populated areas within specified region.  Service to sparsely populated or remote areas will involve moderately higher transportation rates;
    • lift gate service as necessary for shipments billed at 500 or more lbs;
    • when shipment is treated as individual pieces, each piece being under 70 lbs, each separately shipped piece will have $100.00 USD of insurance coverage, subject to the carrier's terms and conditions.
Does NOT Include:
    • packing or materials - including but not limited to, boxes, pallets, over-sized boxes, crates, shrink wrap and cushioning is available upon request. [packing rates]
    • interior delivery.  Service is considered "door to door" which means that someone must be available at the destination to receive the parcels or shipment at the door of the residence, business or dock at warehouse.  Parcels will be delivered at door.  Pallets or over-sized shipments are delivered to the warehouse dock, driveway, sidewalk or entryway. We can arrange for interior delivery of the shipment to a business or residence, if requested.
    • insurance, when shipped by freight carrier, except where customer has declared a value and purchased insurance [insurance details].

Size/Dimension and Freight Classification Restrictions:
    • the 150 lb domestic rates are subject to parcel density and size limitations.  Parcels where the weight of each cubic foot is less than 10.5 lbs, will be assessed a rated weight of 10.5 per cubic foot for that parcel.
    • the 500 lbs domestic rate estimates are subject to National Motor Carrier Freight Classifications.  The rate provided is based upon a freight classification of 100, the standard classification for used personal effects and used household goods. Rates may be moderately higher for shipments subject to a higher classification.