International Shipment Rate Details

Rate Includes:
    • local pickup from businesses and residences within 20 miles of Ann Arbor, Michigan;
    • all transportation costs incurred in delivery to Foreign Sea Port.  Service rates to smaller ports, or inland ports or terminals will be moderately higher;
    • ocean rated pallet, protective pallet sized box or shrink wrapping as necessary;
    • preparation of ocean bill of lading, dock receipts
Does NOT Include:
    • packing or materials - for individual boxes or items.  Services are available on request. [packing rates]
    • insurance, foreign port fees, customs clearance fees, duties or excise taxes on the cargo, local delivery, unpacking or setup.  These service are available on request, but most foreign nationals "self clear" their duty exempt personal property and arrange for local delivery from the port to their business or residence;
    • AES filing fee for shipments valued at more than $2,499.00 US Dollars.

Size/Dimension and Freight  Restrictions:
    • estimates provided are limited to household and general commercial freight that can fit on a standard sized 4 feet by 4 feet pallet, with total height not more than 7 feet.  Different rates may apply to other types of freight.  Use the Quick Quote if you think that your freight may be of a nature other than this standard.
    • freight is subject to the availability of containers and vessels.  Freight may be subject to "bumping" to another container or vessel, when not under a contract guarantee which is usually reserved for commercial freight required for "just in time" manufacturing.