Export Consolidation Procedure

First Step:
  • Ship your cargo to our consolidation warehouse.  warehouse information
  • You can ship your cargo to our warehouse using any parcel or freight carrier, including but not limited to UPS, FedEx and US Postal;
  • If you require assistance shipping your cargo to our warehouse, contact us and we can assist with the arrangements.
Second Step:
  • When your cargo arrives at our warehouse we will weigh and measure your cargo;
  • If necessary we will repack your cargo to better protect it during transport;
  • We will email you any additional export forms that need to be completed before your cargo is exported.  You will need to specifically identify the following:
    • the person and business to whom the cargo is being shipped;
    • if the recipient is using a receiving agent ("intermediate consignee"), the name, address and contact information of the receiving agent;
  • You will receive an email invoice itemizing the charges that are applicable up to the entry of the cargo at the foreign destination;
  • Pay the invoice;.
Third Step
  • if you paid for a door delivery service provided by DHL, UPS or FedEx, you will receive a notice from their office office in the country of destination as to any duties that are to be paid on the cargo.  You will pay those in that country and the cargo will be delivered to you.
  • if your shipment is destined to a "terminal" or "port", the cargo terminal or port agent will contact you when the cargo arrives;
  • the recipient / consignee will then go into the air cargo terminal or port agent warehouse to pay any of the destination fees or duties that may be assessed by the country of destination;
  • when any fees are paid, the cargo is released and the consignee can take the cargo or arrange for their agent or local courier/truck to pick up and deliver the cargo.