Clearing & Final Delivery

Clearing & Final Delivery of International Shipments

Clearing and final delivery of goods, if not performed by the importer/consignee, are cleared by a BROKER or TRANSPORT provider licensed in the country of import.

A2 Global Shipping can arrange for clearing and final delivery of goods imported into the USA.

If you are in a foreign country and have contacted A2 Global Shipping to ship goods from the USA to your country, A2 Global Shipping will probably provide you a Door to Port transport quote that does not include the clearing and duty.  You should take that quote for door to port transport and take it to a local customs broker in your country.   

There are important reasons as to why you should obtain a clearing and final delivery quote from a broker/provider in your home country:
    1. the local provide is in your same time zone and will be able to promptly respond to your quote;
    2. a local broker can accurately quote you their charge for clearing and the duties, VAT or other fees that your country requires of importers;
    3. a local broker will have several different transport providers available to perform the final delivery of your cargo, if you do not want to recover it from the Airport or Ocean terminal warehouse yourself;
    4. the broker/transport provider may have questions about the goods you are importing or your delivery location - information that we would not be able to give them without first contacting you - do you see how this can significantly slow down the time it takes to quote?
    5. the price that you are able to get in person from your local broker/transport provider will probably be the same or even less than we could obtain for you;
    6. if we have to pay a broker in another country, there is a cost of payment for wire transfer that must be added to the amount you will pay A2 Global Shipping.