Cargo Hold Request

Cargo hold requests must be in writing using the following cargo hold request form.

The form may be emailed or faxed, but it must be signed by a party with a legal interest in the cargo or someone acting on that parties behalf and disclosing the relationship to that party and the authority under which they are acting on behalf of that party.

It is critical that the party submitting the form identify the cargo with tracking numbers that were used to transport the cargo to us or through our terminal located at 11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104, Romulus, MI 48174.  Without the correct tracking number(s) it can be difficult if not impossible for us to properly identify the cargo that is the subject of the hold request.

Please be advised that the information submitted via the cargo hold request form will be made available to any party claiming an interest in the cargo and provided to any law enforcement agency upon their request.

When a proper, written cargo hold request detailing tracking numbers is sent by a shipper or seller, and is received by the warehouse and/or next recipient terminal, the request carries with it a rebuttable presumption of validity and the cargo will be held.  Pursuant to that rebuttable presumption, the recipient/consignee/purchaser identified in the transaction will be provided notice of the cargo's hold, whereupon they and the shipper are requested to resolve the matter between themselves and so advise the warehouse/terminal holding the goods, in writing upon the reaching of any agreement on the cargo.    Notwithstanding the notification of the identified recipient/consignee/purchaser, any shipper or seller having properly filed a cargo hold, shall, pursuant to U.C.C. ARTICLE 7 - DOCUMENTS OF TITLE, be issued a Warehouse Receipt, negotiable for the transfer or recovery of the goods, upon payment of all costs and fees due the warehouse/terminal in possession of the goods.