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Delivery Intercept:  (This is typically due to purchaser fraud.)
  • The shipper or seller of the cargo requested that the carrier (UPS, FedEx, US Postal) stop the cargo.
  • The cargo is intercepted at the UPS, FedEx or US Postal terminal before being placed on the final delivery truck;

Shipment Refused:  (This is generally due to purchaser fraud but can be other issues.)
  • Fraud:  If the shipment is already on the final delivery truck and the carrier receives a fraud alert or request by the shipper to intercept the cargo, the delivery driver codes in "refused by recipient" so that the driver and carrier receive payment from the shipper as if it were a completed delivery.   It does not mean that anyone at 11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104 refused a shipment.  Contact your seller and advise them that the cargo is being returned to them.  Do not contact Air Lagos.
  • Incorrectly Addressed:  The parcel or freight was not addressed correctly and the carrier did not attempt to deliver it to Suite 104, but rather went to one of the other business located at 11895 Wayne Rd and attempted to deliver it to Suite 100, 101, 102, 103, 105 or 112 and someone there refused to accept it.  Only  the party who purchased or shipped the item can contact the carrier and correct the address to Suite 104.  Air Lagos cannot correct an address on a shipment.
  • COD, postage or freight due:   Air Lagos was not previously informed that a carrier would arrive requesting a payment for the goods or transport and we chose at our discretion to refuse to pay the amount due.  If we chose to pay the amount due, the consignee will be responsible for all charges in addition to a $30.00 COD fee.
Customer Not Available Business Closed: The carrier will automatically attempt re-delivery.  No notice is required.
  • The shipper booked an early morning express delivery and the carrier attempted delivery before 9:00 am;
  • The shipper booked a weekend delivery and 11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104 is closed on the weekend;
  • The carrier has a new driver that did not deliver during the regular receiving hours M-F 9:00 am - 1:00 pm;
  • The person working at 11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104, was in the bathroom when the carrier attempted to deliver.
Mis-Deliveries  The carrier tracking states "delivered" but does not specify a person or signature received.
  • This is more typically a US Postal issue.  
  • On a weekly basis we receive letters and parcels from the US Postal Service that are addressed to other addresses.
  • We return these parcels but not all recipients of mis-deliveries will do that;
  • We scan or photo shipments as they arrive on our dock as a "proof' of receipt.

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