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Air Lagos tracks your shipment using the same tracking number under which your shipment was delivered to us by FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service or other carrier.  To enable this tracking, you must have an account with Air Lagos and file an INBOUND CARGO ALERT (ICA) specifying the tracking number of your shipment that we will receive.

Your filing of the tracking number ICA is what authorizes us to export that parcel/shipment.  If you do not have the tracking number, contact the party who shipped to cargo to us and get the tracking number.  If you still cannot obtain a tracking, number, you will have to specifically list the full address of the sender, order number and description of the cargo for us to assign the cargo to your account and forward it on to you.  99.99% of shipments have tracking numbers.

Inbound Parcel and Freight Shipments - received at 11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104 , Romulus MI 48174
  • the party from whom you made your purchase in the USA or Canada, or who is sending you a parcel or freight should have provided you with the name of the carrier and the tracking number for your shipment;
  • when the cargo is received at our facility in Romulus, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and US Postal tracking should reflect that one of the following parties signed for your cargo:  JFINLEY, CINGERSOLL, DALBER;
  • the first notice that you receive from the Air Lagos system will advise you that we have received the tracking number at our terminal and specifying the weight, measure and chargeable weight of the particular parcel or shipment;
  • depending on the volume of cargo received at 11895 Wayne Rd - Suite 104, it may be a full business day before your cargo is scanned in at the warehouse and weighed and measured;
  • you can view live video of the warehouse receiving and consolidation at:

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