Christmas Air Transit Times to Lagos

By the middle of November air freight lanes from the USA, Europe and the Middle East are experience overbooking and transit times on general cargo is easily 7-10 days.   The only option is to pay 2X the general rate for PRIORITY or MUST RIDE.  That is simply not an option for most parties bearing the cost of the freight.

After the first week of December, many carriers will not even give a booking - meaning that customers cannot even tender their cargo to the airport terminal in the hope of it being added on to some small available space.   Those that will give a booking number request that we hold the cargo at our warehouse and wait for the airline to then give us the go-ahead to drop it off.   Generally what this means is that we can send the trucks about 48 hours before X-mas for receiving by the air terminal after December 25th, when flights from the USA, Europe and the Middle East have a reduced number of passengers and baggage into Lagos and are looking to fill empty cargo space.   

Freighter service into Lagos will still have a backlog through the first or second week of January and generally will not accept bookings until the last couple of days of December or January 2nd.

November 2014 experienced the untimely dispute at MM Airport causing backlogs and delays of cargo even earlier than in 2013 where a dispute occurred in September.  Due to the 2014 November dispute, cargo that was shipped from the USA in Novermber is still awaiting clearance and release from MM Airport as of the 10th of December - approximately 4 weeks.   The dispute centered around the airport customs director doubling the duties charged to the clearing agents at MM Airport.