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Air Lagos uses a "rolling schedule" where we may ship the cargo early based upon the following factors:
  • we use as many as 10 different airlines.  All have different schedules, capacities and available rates.  Overall it is advantageous to the weekly consol lane to use different airlines and have some flexibility on the precise weekly ship out date;
  • a significant volume of cargo has been received and needs to be cleared out of the warehouse;
  • an airline has the space on an earlier flight and has requested that we use it rather than risk being bumped from a later flight;
  • a variety of other circumstances
Cost / Benefit:
  • as our customers have more cargo, the amount of time cargo sits at our warehouse - overall that time decreases;
  • you may have cargo that arrives by 1:00 pm  in Romulus terminal, that departs for Lagos at 5:00 pm on the same day.
Transit Times:
  • planned transit time is 7 days from departure at warehouse in USA to availability for release at warehouse in Ikeja, Lagos.  Actual transit time may vary and be short or take longer as a result of airline over-bookings or other issues in Nigeria;
  • at MM Airport in Lagos, the cargo can be released by Nigerian Customs on the day of arrival or due to strikes, lack of equipment, holidays or other inefficiencies with Nigerian Customs  be held at MM Airport terminal for 1 or more days.
  • once the cargo is removed from Customs at MM Airport in Lagos is is generally available for release to the consignee from the warehouse in Ikeja, within 24 hours.
  • Do not attempt to pickup cargo until you have received the FINAL INVOICE NOTICE.
  • X-mas / December 2014 Notes

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