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Repacking / stripping cargo from boxes:  $.50 per lb / $5.00 minimum per box charge 

  • Toners - repacking to reduce dimensional weight charges
  • Shoes - strip and repack
  • Pallet / Freight Shipment Example:
    • Freight is picked up and trucked at a chargeable weight of 650 lbs;
    • trucking charges are billed against the 650 lbs
    • at the consolidation terminal the pallet/boxes on the pallet are re-packed.  The repacking charges is $.50 per lb against the chargeable trucking weight;
    • after repacking the chargeable weight is 400 lbs.   Additional transport costs such as air transport will be billed against the new lower chargeable weight of 400 lbs, rather than the original 650 lbs,

Plastic bags /waterproofing cargo for shipment to tropics and under-developed air facilities

Storage and Special Consolidation:  quote