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Some HAZMAT or Dangerous Goods can be shipped in limited quantities on the Air Lagos consolidation.   To make such a determination, you will need to provide:
  • the product name, 
  • product UN Number, 
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and 
  • unit size of the product being shipped.
If you do not have this information, you should contact us with the name, email and phone  number of the party with the HAZMAT product and we will obtain the information from them.

If the product cannot be shipped on the regular Air Lagos consolidation it can be shipped on a Hazmat Goods Only shipment or Hazmat Consolidation.  

HAZMAT  goods require specialized packaging and labeling

HAZMAT goods that cannot be shipped on the regular non-HAZMAT consolidation have the following basic charges:
  • minimum of 220 lbs
  • $4.25 per lb 
  • must be palletized and correctly packaged and labeled for transport
  • $150.00 documentation charge applied to each UN number 

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