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Air Lagos is a weekly air consolidation lane operating since July 2012 by licensed transportation providers in the USA and Nigeria.

What differentiates Air Lagos from other transport options from the USA to Nigeria is:
  • ALL IN 1 lb rate of $4.25 USD;
  • 1 lb is the minimum shipment size;
  • freight invoice is payable in Lagos, in Naira;
  • automated tracking and invoicing.
How large is your client base and how much do they ship ?
  • Average Volume:  2000+ kg per week;
  • Average piece count: 250+
  • House AWB / different consignees:  typically 70 or more;
  • Registered Shippers:  800 + as of September 2014 - average of 4 new registrants per day.

Business and Co-loader Opportunities:
  • discounts for volume shippers of business commodities;
  • special pricing and assistance for US and Nigeria based co-loaders (other transport providers)
If you have additional questions please use the contact us form.