Agent Training

Training specific to rates, quoting, and booking freight can be structured or can be provided on an ad-hoc basis as circumstances arise.   Many prefer the ad-hoc method as the issues that arise over a requested rate, quote or booking will provide the natural context for what the agent needs to learn.   Ad-hoc can also foster a supportive relationship between the agent and the A2 Global in house customer support and management as initially the new Agent may need significant assistance from same to complete forms and provide prospective customers with information.

As much as anything, transportation training is about the completion of forms and terms used in such forms.   Many of us have learned simply using Google.  Here are a number of forms, abbreviations and terms that an Agent can research as a training exercise.

AWB, BOL, SLI,  USPPI, consignee, consignor, bailee, bailor, chattel, ITN, AES, chargeable weight, dimensional weight, known shipper, freight class, cartage, drayage,  linehaul, STA, IAC, DG Certificate, IATA, OTI, NVOCC,  tariff, common carrier, contract carrier, transport broker, customs broker, entry, port, packing list, commercial invoice, pro-forma invoice, TSA Form, KSMS, NAFTA, CFS, bonded carrier, bonded warehouse, GSA, interline, ATA, PTP, DTD, PUD, FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL,  w/m, cbm, DV, chassis, drop and hook, demurrage, detention, DDU,  harmonized code, Schedule B, all-risk insurance, total loss insurance, consolidation, exemplary duty, collect charges, fuel surcharge, security fee, bunker adjustment factor....more..... 

In depth look at air rates - if this lesson makes your eyes blur, don't worry about it, just find shippers, provide the information we ask for to complete the forms and the most relevant parts will be understood in due time. 

Insurance:  Generally the minimum charge for us to issue a domestic or international freight policy is $50.00.  That will usually cover $5000.00 of value at a $500.00 deductible.    The details of coverage and the process for a shipper are laid out here: